H.'Dancing in the Rain'

jan_on zone 5bJune 11, 2012

Is this hosta a bit of a prima donna? Mine is probably the slowest mover and shaker in my garden. It looks healthy, and certainly looks as though it is dancing, with very convoluted leaves, but it is doing a really SLOW dance.

This is its creep year, but others are creeping faster!


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bernd ny zone5(5)

I bought 2 in 2009, planted them together to get that big beautiful clump. But they have stayed the same small size since then, must have been first year TCs at about $20 each. They are in some shade now, but they will get some sun from now on, though I had observed 2 years ago, they would burn, last chance.
My H. 'Eskimo Pie' is also slow, but seems to be getting there slooowly. The lesson, BUY BIG, that is buy divisions of mature plants. Also white centered hostas will be slow growers. So why did I just buy two more white centered hostas?

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I have a Dancing in the Rain,and it is slow growing,to say the least! Also,the center melts out,due to being so white. Right now,the center has misted green,so it can survive the rest of the year. I wouldn't buy another! Phil

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kskaren(z5 MO)

Is Dancing Stars closely related? Mine looked so pitiful where it was, I moved it and then DH stepped on it and broke off the center of it. It is struggling, but has a couple of tiny new leaves. Also creep year, but it is a fraction of the size of my other 2 year olds. Not sure I'll replace it if it croaks.


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Bernd, you will have to take a chance on Half And Half, a nice white centered I got recently from Naylor Creek. I planned on getting two of them, and when the box came, it was just one but two separated eyes, so I put them in different pots. I learned my lesson about putting two plants together and had troubles with both getting foliar nematodes. ONE might have been okay, if it had been planted on its own.

Anyway, I won't hijack the thread with H+H photo. It is creamy white middle and blue margins. WIDE margins.
I have it on my Flickr .

Here is a link that might be useful: Half And Half

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bernd ny zone5(5)

Moccasin, I actually bought one H.'Half & Half' and also one H.'Woop Woop' at the Hosta Library Auction. They looked so good. I hope they will not repeat my odyssey I am having with H. 'Dancing in the Rain' and 'Eskimo Pie'. I just moved the D.R.s to a more sunnier spot and found out that they were strangulated by two strong roots of a nearby tree at their old location.

It looks like we should cut through any roots around hostas which seem to be under stress. That is, get a sharpened spade and sink it into the soil at the side towards a neighbor tree, but safely away from any hosta roots.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

What is it with everyone. One 'Dancing in the Rain' not good enough? I also bought 3 of them. One nursery only had two left ,so I found a third at a second nursery. When I got the third one home, although it was similar it looked different; its margin was wider and a darker colour. It's also the only one that has survived. I have it in more light now and appears to be thriving. Touch wood.
I believe the one that survived must be 'Dancing Stars'

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jan_on zone 5b

OK - your messages are just full of optimism!!!! At least if my 'Dancing' isn't doing well, ITS NOT MY FAULT.
Thanks for minimizing my guilt lol.

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hostared(Z5, IL)

Purchased my second one 3 years ago. Didn't put it in the ground but in a pot...sits in almost full sun and it large and beautiful. I would suggest digging it up and putting it in a good size pot...you may be surprised. My first one died the first year in the ground 6 years ago. Pots arethe way to go with fussy ones.

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