what is Bio-herbicides

richardwkfOctober 27, 2004

what is Bio-herbicides for hydroponic. Is it harmful to human.

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Bioherbicides are herbicides that contain biological components such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc. Some are naturally occurring, & have been around for ages, & others are newer. The problem with some of these agents is their harmful effects may not be known for some time & then it is too late. They may also be harmful to the environment. If you are going to use them, keep up with the latest research with a large university with an entomology department or the EPA (which regulates bioherbicides) on the product used. There is also the National Pesticide Information Center. Company material may not be objective as material may be skewed towards sales.

If you have a pesticide in mind, here is a link to look up its ingredients:


The CDC also has posted a series of links for online information:

One advantage of hydroponics is the greater ability to control insects. If there is a problem one can look at the insect cycle, & hopefully find a first line alternative such as a mechanical adjustment or an alternate system/media. Another possible alternative might be companion planting to reduce insects.

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want to know about bio herbicides

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