My Koi is laying on it's side on the bottom of my pond

mfa606July 18, 2014

I have plants in my pond for shade for my koi and to give them something to hide under from racoons. My cover over my vent to the pump came off and the plants clogged the pump. The water has white foam and there are 3 dead koi and one large one laying on the bottom but still breathing. I have unclogged the pump and covered the entrance. I took the sick koi out and put it in another container with part pond water and some new water and an aerator. I treated the water for Chlorine. I's been a day and a half and the koi is still breathing but laying on it's side. What do I do?

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Continue with the air! If your pond is healthy again (check ammonia since there were dead fish) I would put the koi back in if there's plenty of oxygen. Often, the stress of being in a smaller tubby tends to do them in. Foam on the water is usually a sign of protien, either from spawning, or the skin slime of dead koi (or anything dead, like frogs, etc)
Get some healthy bacteria and add it to the pond as well, to get everything back to a healthy balance.

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