what weed killer for my lawn aroun pond

pinkbumblebeeJuly 7, 2007

Hi all: I have a pond at the bottom of a hill that is covered in grass. There is a small retaining wall then about 3 feet of flat rocks to walk on. This seperates the grass lawn from the pond. I just dont know what weed killer and fire ant stuff to use. I live in Mississippi and fire ants are bad here. The reason Im asking is my husband did use a weed killer and all the pond plants died. I think the dust from him spreading it got to them. Next year I hope to use something safe or a technique that will help. Any suggestions would be appreciated,,,, thank you Gayle

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Your hands.......I dont use anything around the pond.

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Pour Parsons amonia into the ant beds and it will kill them. Glenda

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Weeds are plants and if it kills them, it can kill your pond plants. Herbicides for use in lawns will kill any broadleafed plant that isn't a grass. 2-4D which is what the chemical is in most Weed N'Feeds has vapors that drift a long way. If the pond is downhill, I would not use any chemical weed control on the lawn.

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