Alabama koi ponds? Help?!?

burtreynoldswrap(7b)July 12, 2012

We had a tragedy a few days ago. We have a 3000 gal koi pond in our backyard. We had around 12 koi (8-12in)and a whole bunch of comets that had went crazy breeding. We decided to do a partial water change due to very thick algae. Well, between the heat and low water (for a few hours), we lost all of our koi except 1. We were already planning on taking all the comets out due to their breeding. So, we have managed to catch all of the comets and babies and have them in a tank. Our 1 living koi is lonely. I am wondering if there are any Alabamians with a few fry they'd want to sell. Or we could do a trade. I have a 20 gal tank full of comets and a shubunkin or 2. I'd trade all of them for a few small koi.

Here's pictures of our pond:

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)
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