Left the garden hose on, affraid of tomorrow!

reddog1970July 15, 2009

I really goofed tonight. I put the garden hose in my stream to top off my pond this evening (around 4:30pm) and forgot about it. I remembered about 11pm tonight and flew outside. What is worse, I have a water filtration system in the hose that adjusts the ph to 7.0 (we have acidic well water); 1 garden hose goes through the system and 1 doesn't. I always top off with the one that does so I don't alter the ph. Tonight, I used the other one because I had just fertilized the lawn and didn't want to drag the hose from across the yard. The temp in the pond is now 60 degrees and my ph is now 6.5. I don't know what the temp was in the pond prior to this evening but i'm guessing in the 75-80 range and my ph was 7.0. I could only see a few fish.....they did not look happy at all. I am very afraid of what tomorrow will bring.


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I know it's hindsight, but one of those hose timers that shuts off after X minutes is a good thing to have. Hope things were OK.

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