Hydrangea tree fell out of ground and is dying???

mickeddie(6)August 5, 2009


We had some rough storms here on Sunday and my Pee Gee Hydrangean tree fell over and the roots were pulled from the ground.

I picked it up and re-planted it, but I think it's hopeless. Leaves are all droopy and the once beautiful creamy white flowers are now a light brown. How can I tell if this is permanent death, or just a major root shock that it will recover from? The mud around it is now hard as a rock, but still wet, so I don't know how much (or if) to water it.

Is there anything I can do to nurse it back to health, or is it a lost cause? Looking for some desparate measures here.

Thanks so much,


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maybe the problem is the "mud"...when you replanted the fallen tree, what did you use to fill in the hole...the same soil or somethingelse...is it possible to take the plant out again, clean the rootball up a bit, then dig a bigger hole than the rootball you took out, backfill that with some garden soil, sand, pine bark, compost or a mix of such...make sure you get good drainage..the biggest problem you have is not so much the plant is in shock, but the danger of root rot due to all the rain, poorly drained soil etc etc..as for the plant, i'd ignore the blooms now...if the leaves still droop, take a half or even more than that off the plant, pick the older, sicker looking leaves out...this way the plant will lose less water thru the normal transpiration process...the blooms are pretty done for here..these plants are really tough, you will be surprised on how much beatings they can take...one thing they can't handle is root rot due to too much water, poor drainage and cool conditions..good luck.

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Hi Michelle - Lots of patience & TLC (might use root stimulator in watering) - Hydrangeas are not very easy to kill. Your tree is perhaps going thru the root-shock & hopefully will recover in time ... fortunately there is still plenty of time before Winter, for recovery. My Kyushu tree got uprooted by a blizzard, it was a feat driving blindly, a metal stake thru 20" of packed ice & snow to get her back up ... frozen fingers & toes the price for the beautiful tree she is today!!! Â;)

I gave my dil a good size, Paniculata shrub - kept in original pot too long & not watered properly (I think, forgotten!) ... even I, thought it was dead ... last ditch effort ... got her a huge pot, a fresh bag of MG potting mix, handful of cotton burr compost, roughed up the severely root-bound clump, cleaned up all the dead foliage, etc etc etc ... after 1 mo she was so excited, the bush is alive & well, much of the branches, left unpruned are full of greens ... will be ready for the ground soon!!! Â;)

Just early this Spring, a neighbor dug up their 7 or 8 y/o PG tree, planted too close to the house/shaded site ... moved to an ideal site ... looked like a dead tree for a longish while ... is now fully covered with foliage ... not sure if it will bloom but ALIVE!!!

So don't despair ... just patience & TLC w/prayers to the Hydrangea Angels!!! Seriously! ... I'm certain, there are many others will share their rescue efforts & successes! Good luck! Â;)

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Thank you both so much for your optimism and help. I have dug out all the "mud" and replaced it with better soil. Hopefully it will come back, although I'm highly suspect. The leaves are all drying out. I suspect when it fell down, probably a key root was severed and now it's not getting what it needs now to survive.

Thank you.


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Hi again Michelle - Drying out of the foliage does not necessarily mean, what you may suspect ... as long as you can deal with, the ugly/sad phase ... just wait a while ... will keep fingers crossed with you!!! Â;)

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