june bearing strawberrys

mikesherry(5)October 12, 2004

I'm planning on growing strawberries in hydro, i've found a lot of good information here http://www.simplyhydro.com/strawberries.htm

but need some advice on a chilling process to get the plants to fruit again. I'd like to put rooted runners in a refridgerator for about 2 weeks then put them into the hydro system. If anyone has done this before could you please let me know how you do it (is the soil suppost to be dry or wet? do you use special pots or place them in covered containers?) any information that could help somebody trying this process for the first time.

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Luckyleaf(7 TN)

I haven't done it before, but I've read about someone putting their plants into the fridge to act as the winter, so they will fruit after, so yeah it will work

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moseleyway(z8 Ms.)

im a first time grower of strawberrys., and would like some information on how to grow a small garden. thanks

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