Koi Ponds Tulsa! Asking Some ?

trallAugust 17, 2008

My cousin and I are new to koi pond care...we have a 3000 gallon pond that was designed by a constuction engineer, and contains about 52 koi...we have been following instructions given us, but want to know more about koi in general...

My cousin saw a topic that claims that snapping turtles are bad for the pond...we know snappers are natural predators...but are box turtles bad as well?...are all turtles aggressive to fish like koi? Or is it more of a disease thing thta makes turtles not so good for koi?

Anything you can tell us would be appreciated!

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tranquility(z6/7 Wagoner,Ok)

Hi and welcome to ponding...have you joined the Tulsa koi club? there is also a watergardening club in Tulsa....I think you would get alot of knowledge with either...52 koi is WAY too many in a 3,000 gallon pond...at the most you should have is 250-500 gallons of water per koi...they get huge--My biggest girl is only 6 years old and right at 30"....Yes snapping turtles are no good to have in the pond--first off they will take nips from the koi and they also carry parasites....box turtles are land turtles and will drown in a pond--I've found a few over the years that have fallen into one of the ponds and died...really all water turtles don't make good pond pets with koi or goldies---even the red eared sliders can take nips out of the koi...

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Sorry we took so long getting back but with work, a new house needing maintenance and the koi pond along with a healthy 3 year old to watch it gets hectic...

Tranquilty, we could use some more info on the Tulsa Koi Club...Also we don'thave 52 full-grown koi...about 10 are fully grown, and the rest are red babies except for a fantail goldfish and the two smaller fantail koi we added (I'm not sure of that classificaton)...since we have been here the smaller koi have increased in size...I was wondering when they would grow large enough to overrun the pond itself...we inherited the koi with the pond, so I couldn't tell you how long these koi have been there...

My cousin is concerned with the excessive moss growth we are collecting on our waterfall rocks, and if it was safe to remove it by entering the pond and scraping it off...instructions given us tell us to salt every 10 days...will this stress our fish?

Thanks for the answers! We will be back soon!

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tranquility(z6/7 Wagoner,Ok)

Here is the link to the koi society...I have to scrub my falls once a week---it just comes with the territory I think...I don't use salt period in the pond---only time you need to use salt is if your having a problem with ammonia or if you have a koi in a hospital tank...IMO salt has its uses---just not the pond...Really good on fries though ;)....and remember that once you add it--the only way to get rid of it is thru water changes--so if your not doing water changes and keep adding salt---it will not be long untill you start really having problems...

Here is a link that might be useful: tulsa koi society

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Thanks for the advice, once again sorry it took so long to get back...this pond is an engineeriing marvel that was put together by a construction engineer that has NO map...as does the sprinkler system for the garden...We have some rather large koi we inherited...my cousin asks how you scrub your falls rocks? With a regular brush? we found a wire brush with the pond accessories and wondered if that was used?

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tranquility(z6/7 Wagoner,Ok)

LOL---one of these days I swear I'm gonna end up in the pond head first...I actually stand in the middle of them with a hand held scrub brush(like you would use on your floors) and scrub the dickens out of it...most of it comes off in sheets so its not really hard to do---just slippery....

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How pounds of salt do I need for a 3,000 gallon pond

I am doing a total water change for spring Thanks in


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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

Trall, I carefully doused my WF with regular drugstore peroxide. First let me say that I am not a fan of pond additives. Beware what you pot in your pond lest you cannot remove it. Then again, simple peroxide is oxygen and hydrogen. If poured over the moss or algae in the falls it will oxidize them, they will die, and it is easier to scrub off. With a 3k gallon pond, you would have to use a LOT to be of any concern at all.
As Lawanna said, finding your local koi club or water garden society should be a great thing.

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