Hydrangea Tree Question plus one

oceanbabyAugust 17, 2010

Love flowers but not a true gardener. Thinking I would like a hyrangea tree - does it come in any other color except white?

Also just looking out the window at my 4 year old hydrangea which is past its prime but notice that all the flowers seem to be at the bottom of the plant while the top is a beautiful green - but no flowers. It gets lots of sun - we live in New Jersey. Any ieas?? Thanks.

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I'd like to take a stab at the +1?

DK what Hydrangea your 4y/o is but I have a couple that produced as usual but as the season proceeded tons of canes shot up & practically left all the blossomed ones in the dust ... so to speak. A good sign of growth & maturing efforts, I think. Both of my specimens are Lacecaps (H serratas).

I have a Kyushu tree form -white & turns to a hint of pink in the Fall & finally the famous *dirty-socks-look!* Find a Quick Fire in tree form, she'll perhaps fill the bill! Knowing your Zone might help w/ other cultivar.

Good luck! Â;)

'Hope this helps.

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