One year later

mmarnoldJune 17, 2014

Last year I planted a newly expanded bed.It is starting to fill in nicely.I would love any suggestions

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And this year.

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Mm I'd love to pic is sideways and one of upside down... Looks good from what I can interpret.

I wish Apple would fix this issue.


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What do you have in mind when you ask for suggestions? This looks beautiful, but I don't know enough about hostas to make any hosta suggestions or comments.

What I could imagine happening somewhere in the middle of this space is something structural. An arrangement of 3 or more enormous pots with (?) planted in them. Or something wrought iron. An enormous fabulous piece of driftwood? Statuary? A planting of something vertical like a drift of ostrich ferns? I believe that some landscape folk might say that what I am describing are "bones".

I'm envious of all your space which permits imagination.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Paul, if you double click on the photos you will see them straight. If picture takers place the button on the right hand side when taking photos they appear to be straight when posted.


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Michaela .:. thegarden@902 .:. (Zone 5b - Iowa)

Wow. What a difference a year can make! :o) Well done. You did a beautiful job.

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Looking good! If you're asking for plant suggestions, I would add some brightly colored heuchera near the front of the bed.

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Looking very very nice, mmarnold. What a difference a year can make, eh?

FlowerFrenzy, you are the Master of Heucheras!

Don B.

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bernd ny zone5

It takes a while for hostas to become mature especially when you buy them small as 2 year olds. I usually plant the potentially big ones in the back, smaller ones in the front, and mix up solid colors with margined leaves for interest. You seem to have done this. Keep them watered well and fertilize them. Bernd

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