too many koi

lotofstuffAugust 13, 2010

New pond this spring. Bought 2 koi and this summer have about 200 babies. Everyone said impossible and how did we get them to have babies. Just put them in the pond and walla. I'm surprised too. I've read a lot on breeding koi and we did nothing except put the koi in the pond. I love having the pond and the fish. We are enjoying them so much. I've given about half away to people who have ponds and trying to kind homes for the other.

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We have had several inquiries about the kois. We have gotten most of them new homes. I'm keeping the best marked ones and a couple of the whites. If we get more babies I'll post again. Most of the babies are about 3 inches long already and very pretty.

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If you should happen to get more babies this year i would be happy to take some off your hands just let me know i am trying to build up my new pond with plants and fish it is over 1,000 gallons so it can hold a good many fish

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

I just saw this old post. Where in WV? I'm near Buckhannon
If you have that problem again just give me a yell. We lost our biggest koi and a coupls others after the big storm last year at the end of june...


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