Introducing new fish in pond

Bllgl37(6)August 1, 2012

Hi all. Newbie here and I've got a question. How do I go about introducing my 6 inch goldfish from his tank into my pond which is home to a 12 inch smallmouth bass, for larger goldfish, a 2 foot Channel catfish (his name is big Gallupe) into Koi a little smaller than the cat. My concern is the big Galloupe eating the six-inch goldfish. He has drawn blood on my fingers while I was feeding him. baby bass (I remember when he was just an egg) used to be king of the pond but the cat seems very aggressive this year. a friend told me to put the new goldfish in a crab or lobster cage. Reason being, it would allow the goldfish to see what he's got to deal with when he comes out in the big waters. This doesn't sound right to me because if he gets out... Gulp! Does anybody have any ideas? I'd like to get the him out this summer no time to build another pond.

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Hi everyone my names Travis. I'm new to forums. My koi fish just laid eggs in my pond about a week ago and I captured them on this green egg catcher. Eggs never last in my pond. I took them out put them in a clean un used garbage can with pond water. Over the weekend they hatched. A couple hundred I think. They been in there about a week with an aerator. When can I put them into my pond. Will the fish eat them. They look like pencil tips.if so I will have to turn off my filter so they don't get sucked up right away.

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