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Love_My_KoiSeptember 13, 2013

I have been building, rebuilding, digging, re-digging, in short, building a pond for koi. It has evolved to two waterfalls, the large one in a spiral half circle stair-step down, and the small one,is a little pool dropping down over a ledge of flat rocks. The main body is 16' x 8 1/2' and 4 to 41/2' deep, with the rock waterfall on this end. This runs into a channel 3' x 41/2' with a bridge over it. This runs into the little pool that is 41/2' x 5 1/2' and 31/2 ' deep. The large spiral waterfall drops into it.
I live in Montana, and I have wintered several winters with my Koi, of course keeping it open, and an aerator keeping the water moving. This past spring I love some of my big Koi, due to a fungus of some sort.
I have large and small koi including 3 that were born and survived in the pond with the others.
I had babies this year but don't know if any have lived. The big ones had a feast. I have been pretty much trial and error, and lack any one around here to ask questions of, so I am glad to find this listing.
What I found out this summer was that Koi like oranges. I toss a half a slice into the pond and wait for the feeding frenzy. They will climb over each other to get to the orange. They eat the pulp and leave the rhine.(you get to fish that out). When I read about this I wasn't to sure, but after the first couple of times, they are right there, and it's good for them.
I have about 11 Koi (different sizes) ranging from the big white one to the year and a half babies, about 7 inches or so. I have 4 butterfly Koi, about 9" or so. There is more then one female in the pond, and several males, I'm not to sure which is which, except the white one is female.She is about 20 some inches, and a couple of the others are also about that size.
I know there were babies, because one made it to the top of the big waterfall, in an unconventional way. (Though the pump,uv light and about 8' of hose.) He ended up back down into the pond. I hope he didn't get eaten. I have no place for babies other then the pond, so some may survive, and I'll see them next year.
Anyway, I have a blog with pictures of how it started and grew, and what it is now, if anyone would like to see it.
I never know what is going to happen next out there, so the next problem that crops up I will ask for help.
Tonight the big toad was out, and I know there have been babies, as I've seen one tiny one hopping around.
This has been a challenge, but I do love my Koi.

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