Potting Bench in my Porch

paul_in_mn(4b)June 11, 2012

Just christened my new potting bench this past weekend. I've been collecting ideas for some time and spotted this one at HD store - prebuilt and sturdy. Measures 6' long and about 20" deep on work area and 35" tall. Assembly was fold legs down and rest the shelf in the leg notches.

It was unfinished, so I added a weatherproof semi-transparent stain and a couple coats of satin polyurethane to work surfaces. I was looking for a used single stainless steel sink to add, but came across this big stainless mixing bowl that was perfect for my purposes.

Last additions will be to add a curtain across the front that will hide the storage and a towel bar. Bench, bowl, stain and finishes were about $100.

17" bowl

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Thanks for looking


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jan_on zone 5b

BRILLIANT! Every serious gardener should have an efficient and attractive place to work. You certainly do. Now we're all waiting to see your sewing skills when you design the curtain lol.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Awesome! I have one but DH keeps piling stuff up on top of it and blocking it when he mows the lawn instead of putting the stuff away. argh. Mine isn't anywhere near as cool as yours though....

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bernd ny zone5

This is looking great! All you need now is to build one of these garden huts with a little greenhouse attached, and move your bench there, to further your addiction. Your bench certainly beats my arrangement with potting on the lawn with some plastic underneath with all supplies in the garage.

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How cool! For $100 bucks total, you have a real winner.

I have a setup using the chaise lounge so I can sit down while working with the larger pots. And I don't have to pick them up high once they are full and watered. I use the dolly to roll them where they shall live.

However, once I get a nice covered shade structure, I plan on hanging out there. It is entirely too hot and uncomfortable to work in the sunshine outdoors from about now until late September.

You know, I hve one of those 17" stainless bowls, had to rescue it from my DH, he does not keep his objects as clean as I keep my tools. And I hate to have paint splattered on my stuff.

About the curtain. You can do the flat seams with a hot melt glue gun, using fabric type glue. It is machine washable and dryable too. I made curtains for my boat years ago that way, cause no sewing machine. They lasted for many years.

Good for you! Admirable solution to a continuing need.

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Oh, that is the most beautiful potting shed ever. So organized already. LOVE your new Hosta colored bench!
And those hosta babies certainly look like they're feeling they were well tended on it...
Jealous on the west coast with a wheelbarrow,

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What a great set-up. It looks just perfect for that space. You need a comfy chair and a mini-fridge and then you'll never have to leave that spot!

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Hey I use a wheelbarrow!!! That is a way cool set up. I second mini frig. Paula

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Babka NorCal 9b

Curtins????? Get serious. A mini-fridge works for me. I use cat litter boxes to mix my stuff, but it would be oh so wonderful to have a bench like that. Wish I had the room. Dreaming.


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Thanks for all the comments. There will be a waist high fridge in the room - so got it covered. The room will be garden theme/colors. My Radius garden spade and fork are going to hang on the wall above the bench - working decor.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Update with curtain to hide shelves - my DW is very pleased.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Some of our posters seem a bit squeamish about curtains, but I think that is a handsome set. We put pleasing touches around our hosta--why not around our workbenches also? Don't think the functional aspect was lost in the process. : )


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Those curtains look really nice. :)

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Very nice. I too use a wheel barrel and try to hide my mess by the compost bin but does get really out of control. Great idea with the bowl. I am tired of making bread anyway!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey paul.. i linked this to an idabean post in the perennial forum i think.. probably why you got some recent traffic..

and after doing such.. later it the day.. i thought about the fact that you could have used something like below ...lol .. much bigger than that pretty bowl


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Here's an update. Potting bench is working great. A bit more cleanup was completed to fit its multi-purpose. Still a couple of items to clear out. Garden tools hang ready. I drag hose in from deck when I need water for potting.

The frig made the trip to the porch and is stocked (adult and tamer beverages).

Opposite end of room for the non-gardening members of the household. Porch is going to be garden themed and painted a sage green and floors tiled. Not a bad tradeoff for an out of the elements potting shed.

Next week my cookers will get the curtain treatment to keep harmony and stay out of site.

I also store my potted hosta and plants in the porch over winter.


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I would like to see those seedlings now to see their progress and prettiness! :)

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Hey Cricket, those were liners and not much change yet, though happy they handled the recent 90-100 temps ok.

Here is a 2011 Northern Exposure Seedling that Melissa liked recently on a visit. Hoping it jumps in leaf size next year.


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Everything is looking beautiful Paul! And the liner plant is showing great promise! Glad to hear they are holding out with this heat wave! Thanks for the pics!!!

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Nice Cookers!


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