new to ponding cloudy water

chrismollanSeptember 25, 2006


I am new to ponding, mine is about six weeks old. I had perfect chemical analysis and clear water. Unfortunately last night one of my marginal plant pots over turned and left me with cloudy water and a large amount of specialist pond compost on the bottom of the liner. Will I hae to empty the pond and start again? I have a UV and gravity filter system.

Any help appreciated as things were going so well.

Best Regards


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clarke(7a, Northern VA)

The potting soil on the bottom of the pond can be sucked up with a shop vac--- just watch out for the fish!! With you pond only being six weeks old, I would be supprised if your filter has completly cycled. At this point I think that draining your pond would be the worst thing you could do because the pond is just starting to cycle. Hope that this helps

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