Bottom drain diffuser all winter?

onkyokoiSeptember 20, 2008

My contractor recommended that i turn off my waterfalls, filter, skimmer etc, but let the diffuser on my bottom drain run all winter long to keep a hole open in the ice.

Is this ok to do?

My pond is 3 1/2 feet deep, about 2500 gallons. Im in zone 6

Does anyone leave their BD diffuser on all winter? Is it safe to do so?

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I am in Orlando so I do not have any experience with zone 6! We are in zone 10.

From what I know the bacteria that are in the filter, waterfall, biofall, or whatever system you have pretty much dies in the winter. I understand that you have to have a hole open in the ice to let the gasses escape and oxygen in.

If all else fails move to Orlando and I can build you a swimming pool.

Hope I helped a little... I know nobody else is posting in here.


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I have always kept my filter and waterfalls running for 15 years of ponding. It keeps the water oxygenated and except for the very cold winters, keeps at least a small area open. I keep the filters in as well and they gather quite a lot, even though the water is cold. I have lived in zones 4, 5, and six.

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