What to feed hydrangeas

puppyscruff(7/NC)August 5, 2005

Other than the aluminum or lime for color, what is the best nutritive diet for these beauties. Some of mine are a little yellow in the leaf.

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greensideup_Mass(z4 Mass)

hi puppy,good old fashion Miracle grow is just fine.
15-30-15. Make sure middle number is higher than front number.good luck

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Thanks, fellow MA native, it's simpler than I thought. I would also like to try Annabelle.

claire, transplanted to NC

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Bringing up the rear... I've read that you should NOT feed hydrangeas with a high-middle-number fertilizer. Something about the high phosphorus locking up the available aluminum or iron or whatever. (Obviously, chemistry was not my long suit.) So what's the scoop? judy

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Too much nitrogen (first number) and you'll get great leaves with poor blooming, too much phosphorous(second number) might thwart your efforts to get blue blooms. If your not trying for blue, 15-30-15 is fine. Evenly balanced is supposed to be best for hydrangeas (8-8-8 so on) but not always easy to find at your local box stores......yg

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

Hydrangeas get what ALL of my rhodies/azaleas as well as the flowering dogwoods or the perrenials get......

a 5-10-5 granular along with Hollytone in late winter/early spring (up here in the Mid Atlantic): Feb/Mar. That is the only time that I feed

There's not really a lot of black magic to it. Everything in moderation and you'll be rewarded accordingly.

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Has anyone fed their hydrangaes with Garrett Juice, or super thrive? I would really like to have more blooms this year.

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