my koi aren't eating

paulamagnoliaSeptember 2, 2011

they have always been like sport fish hitting their food. last week i put a water clarifyer in and found them at the top gasping for breath with one rolling. pond 1200 gal. i immediately bailed about 3 -400 gallons and splashed fresh water in it with salt and stresscoat. then i bailed 3 - 400 gallons again added stresscoat and salt and splashed the water in the pond to aerate. i noticed some shredding on the fins of the butterflys and added melafix. they seemed fine after that.

i had to go to the coast to board up for irene and the sitter i left with mother has a tasmanian devil boy, i told her he could not stay i wonder if he terrorized the fish. wound up firing her for other reasons.

water temp 79 - 84. no ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, ph good. i can't figure out why they're not eating.

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I'm fairly new to ponding but I just stumbled on your post here. You should try posting it over on the "ponds" forum. It seems like people (with alot of experience) frequent that board alot more than here.

Hope your fish are doing better :)

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