Show Your Hydroponic Systems

HydroNerdNovember 30, 2012

I would love to see other peoples hydro systems!

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Nice!! I have been looking at the same SlimStar T5 lights for awhile now. Do you like them?

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The ballast/reflector you see here is actually the Quantum T5 Badboy.

It has so far worked pretty well. I like it a lot because it covers a wide area and is actually aesthetically pleasing. So far both tomato plants and peppers have been growing with very short internodal lengths which keeps them nice and compact. Green healthy growth *thumbs up*

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This is our Aquaponics system and we just added another grow bed.. Ready to put our third grow bed in soon.

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Wow those are healthy looking plants! Some of the healthiest I have seen in an aquaponics setup.

Are you addding any nutrients?

What kind/how many fish are there feeding the plants?

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The lights are 6500 T8 and are on adjustable ratchet pulleys. The normal distance from the plants is 2-3". Ebb and Flow and Deep Water Culture in action.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Indoor Growing Adventure

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"halfway" there are some pros and cons, but for better chances of success for new grower to hydro grower is surely be a EBB & Flow of water. In DWC in occur a problem of maintaining water temperature at ideal levels and in ebb & Flow the drawback is an additional control and medium to change or clean after harvest.

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