Experiments with herbs

stoopsmsJanuary 24, 2002

I built 2 5ft. long trench planters (about 1 ft. in length) and filled them with "Rose soil" from a local nursery. When I planted the herbs (some were transplants from pots), I also sprinkled in a generaous dose of blood and bone meal. That was about 2 months ago and I have never had (nor seen) herbs that look so lush or have such a pungent aroma. What I'm wondering is: are the results from the soil or the blood and bone meal? I'm going to do some experiments with this (using some control plants) when I build my next set of planters in a week.

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Boy, this sounds really interesting, I'll look for your follow-up. I love herbs, and have winter sown seedlings waiting to be planted. I never thought of using rose soil. Who packages it?

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I am sure it is the two combined that genrate such succulent herbs. I find this interesting because I shall be starting a herb and edible flower garden this autumn in the green house. The flowers will appreciate the rose soil for the transplantation in the spring. Good luck in all your gardening efforts!:o)

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It will be interesting to see how long your herbs last, and I'd like to know what herbs you have. I suspect there is a high nitrogen content which is making the leaves nice and lush for the moment, but I'm concerned that the roots might not be getting enough nutrients to keep the plants going. The thing is, with a few exceptions like basil and chillies which are greedy feeders, the majority of herbs actually do better in quite poor soils. I'm not talking short term here. Given lots of fertiliser,'they go before they blow'as a rule. But don't let me spoil things for you - enjoy it while you can!

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