Making my own greenhouse controll system

alfredos(England)January 23, 2003

Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me.

I am not an experienced grower but I have been doing a lot of research, I however cannot afford a popper system and that is why I am making one at school for my technology project.

I am making a greenhouse control system using hydraulics to open windows to lower the temperature. the problems i am finding is how to control the co2, humidity and the temperature (if it gets too low).

What i was thinking is to use a propane burner to increase the co2, I canÂt afford a co2 sensor so I am using a timer instead (do you know how long it should be on for, for every meter cubed). I was also thinking to use the propane burner to control the temp if it gets too low and that would reset the co2 timer. The humidity is a problem because I do not know If it will screw up the temperature if I open the windows when it gets too low. Or if the propane burner will make the humidity rise too much.

If you have anything to say about my project I would be very grateful

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Lynn9(z9/z15 NorthCa.)

the only thing I can say is watch the co2 pretty closely. You don't want to have it build to a point where it is a health hazard for humans. I don't know anything about the technology here, but have almost passed out where people have forgotten to turn off an unventilated propane heater.

Maybe you can have some sort of separate co2 sensor connected to a valve on a ventilation system for the propane heater. I imagine that would be expensive- but who knows?

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