TDS for bell peppers

toasty1435November 6, 2006

I was wondering if anyone knows the recommended TDS for bell peppers and jalepenos. I have a system with basil and oregano and parsely and was wondering if a pepper plant co co-exist.

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

depends on what nutrients you are using. hydro-organic nutes like pure blend pro and the like dont register on a tds meter like salts-based nutes.

you could crank up the strength until the plant lets you know its too much, then back off

or you could crank up the nute strength to a level where the plant isnt showing any problems and leave it there until it does show something.

i rarely ever need to go beyond 1000ppm. 800-900ppm works well for me, but thats just me.

the pepper will want way more nitrogen than the herbs will want. that doesnt mean they cant coexist in the same system, it just means you'll need to find a balance which might be suboptimal.

depending on what method you're using, you could change the watering cycle instead of turning up the wick on the nutes. more frequent fertigation would allow you to use weaker nutrient solution, if that makes any sense.

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