DIAPERS--Same as Hydro crystals ?

heygeno(z5 oh)January 30, 2003

Five years ago, a friend left her babie's dirty diaper in my bathroom. Rather than takng it to the garbage, I flung it out my back door.( and forgot about it ).
A few WEEKS later, while working in the rain, I stepped on what I thought was a plastic bag.

All at once ,the idea popped into my head that this is the same stuff used for retaining water in potting soil !

I spent the next 2 years experimenting with using this diaper material in my garden.
I got the USED diapers for free. (neighbor with a baby ).

Only pee-pee ones -- no P-U.....

PEE-PEE = nitrogen....(and also sterile) another good reason to use USED ones. I mixed it into the soil AND also left the diaper intact for the bottoms of planters. It really works !

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

I understand it is the same stuff. But, to tell the truth, I'd rather pay $7.95 & get it from the container...

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According to this website it isn't the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Watersorb.com- differences

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morgnz(z5 MO)

You might want to check out the Container Gardening Forum and do a search for "Diapers". There are a couple of intereting threads.

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I have been thinking on this waaaay too long but here goes...Do you always fling garbage out your back door?

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heygeno(z5 oh)

You're right.
You shouldn't think so much.

I have a home business and I couldn't leave my office at the time. With clients coming in , I would rather have my backyard smelling like baby poop (ha!)

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I use kitty litter instead of water crystals.

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