Types of bulbs for tomatoes

loagiehoagie(S.E. Michigan)November 1, 2004

I have on order a hydro system which will hold 8 plants. I have a 400watt light system, but I know there are 2 kinds of bulbs HPS and MH. Is there 1 bulb that combines both for growing and flowering/fruiting or do I need 2 bulbs at various stages of growth? I experimented a few years ago and remember I had awesome growth but little to zero fruit production. I want to go into this next venture a bit more knowledgeable for maximizing my success rate. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Duane

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Checkout this Hortilux 400 W dual spectrum bulb at Futuregarden. Might be just what you're looking for.


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Red spectrum (HPS) favors flowering and fruiting

Blue-green spectrum (Metal Halide) favors stem/leaf growth.

Combination lamps are like any other multi-purpose product, they don't do anything well.

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loagiehoagie(S.E. Michigan)

Thanks folks. So, get a combo bulb that does half-a** or 2 bulbs that do 100pct what each is intended to do, but twice the price?....hmmmmm.

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hydro4me(z5 IN)

I have to agree with Hank. If your 400w system is HPS only, go with the Hortilux. I have had great success through all stages of growth with it.

If your system is MH only, go with the Agrosun Gold. It has some enhanced red/ yellow.

Just my opinions. Jason

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loagiehoagie(S.E. Michigan)

Thanks Jason. I'm only experimenting with some dwarf tomato plants, so with this just being a hobby I think I will take your advice and go with the Hortilux since mine is a HPS unit. Thanks again. Duane

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