Corn Meal for fungus control

cjccmc(z10 so CA)January 25, 2003

On other forums here at GW people have reported some success with corn meal.

Has anybody tested it on roses for blackspot, powdery mildew and rust?

Would it be as good as Daconil as a fungicide for tomatoes?

If it works, please describe how it is done (applied how, quantity, frequency, etc.) Corn meal seems much friendlier than the chemicals at Home Depot.



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cjccmc, This sounded interesting to me also, so I did a search with 'cornmeal' and found what you maybe looking for.

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sharon_9_fl(z9 FL)

Nandina's thread on cornmeal for blackspot is on this page!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I was going to suggest looking at Nandina's experiment, too.

I use one handful per rose plant. That's about a half cup. In the past two years, since I started using it, I have had no fungus problems. Not only that, I have not had any aphids in two years. This follows 8 consecutive seasons of aphid problems. So, from hundreds of aphids on all plants to zero aphids on all plants, all at once following the application of corn meal...I just have to connect the events. Don't ask why. Other than possibly the corn meal created a plant with more resistance to natural pests??? I don't know.

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