Cut back struggling transplanted hydrangeas

westseattledebAugust 6, 2010

I took the advice of joanne and gardengal and cut three hydrangeas that were struggling from transplanting. I cut them from just over 5' to around 2' (where I could see healthy new shoots on many of the branches).

Should I also thin them out more? I don't know the variety, as they were rescued from a neighbor that had planted them in too small of an area and was going to throw them away. They were crowded in a 3' diameter half circle plot, along with a large camelia, so were very narrow from crowding.

Also, should I fertilize or just keep watered well; they were planted with lots of organic compost.

Here's one after cutting back:

And before cutting back, showing a few underwhelming blooms:

Thank you.

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You may get other advice---but if it were me, I'd leave them be now. Come Spring when you see new growth, then cut off the dead wood above the new growth shoots.

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Thanks. That was my gut instinct, as it is difficult to tell what is still living. Some branches that looked dead actually had new growth sprouting further up the plant that I didn't notice until I'd already cut it off.

Any idea what variety they might be? Or are they too sickly to ID?

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