distilled water for plants

maifleur01January 26, 2009

dethcheez posted the following on the magnets message

"My many interest is Carns & Neps which do best with distilled water as I'm sure most plant probably would..."

I understood that distilled water had all of the minerals removed. I only use to moisten seed starting mix. Can anyone advise the benefits of using distilled water on already started plants? Without adding additional chemicals I do not see the benefit.

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Our city water supply often smells like a freshly chlorinated pool or metalic fish, so I use water from our distiller to water newly planted seeds that are started under lights indoors. At one week, I switch to the filtered water with a few drops of organic fish/kelp supplement.

When we lived in another city, the plants did better if I let the chlorinated water'de-gas' a few days before using.

We have two water filters on the house water line for bathing and clothes washing and a distiller for consumption. Before we installed the filters, our skin was often itchy. You would be amazed at the materials collected by the filters.

Have read that some plants are very sensitive to the additives in public water supplies. Please report what
you learn.

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I hoped dethcheez would see my post and explain her use of distilled water. You can use it to start seeds but the plants need some nutrients as they grow. Distilled water has H and O2, no other nutrients. This is why in some areas you will find baby drinking water. Distilling removes minerals that you would normally receive in your drinking water such as calcium and iron.

Some area's and times of year you either drink tea or coffee never water. Our water is good except in the fall when it turns brown.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

FWIW: When I worked in a lab where we had to test our distilled water I found that "distilled water" in bottles sold in stores often was NOT distilled water.

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Distilled and bottled water isn't what it is suppose to be many times. Much is just filtered water from a local City water system. I don't worry aobut all the chemicals in the water mostly, but I do use my water filter system to get things started. We are on City Ground water and when it stinks it smells like the sewer. I am very happy with my water filtering system. It did cost too much but am glad to have it now. Saw one for only $500 that was suppose to take care of the whole house like ours but wasn't so sure. I will stick with what I have until I know better.

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I use distilled water with very deluted chamomile tea on my plants and they thrive! I do not get to use it all the time but once a month or a couplde times a month and mine love it! This I use on tropicals, alpines fruiting plants, herbs and african violets etc.

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