Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

markbairdJanuary 17, 2002

Has anyone grown Atlantic Giant Pumpkin before? If so how did it go? Any cultivation Hints for the Coffs Harbour region.


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Mark, I tried Atlantic Giant only once (5 seeds for $5) and found germination to be ~50%. Had better luck with Burbee Prizewinner variety for pumpkins in 200# range without even trying. Below is a site with tips on growing them bigger. Good luck, vgkg

Here is a link that might be useful: Tips on the Great Pumpkin

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Our Family has a Annual Pumpkin Weigh-Off every Fall. We have a trophy and all kinds of prizes. For the family members who don't garden we have carving and painted creations. We also have a prize for the ugliest. We have a horse-shoe pitching contest, a cookout and games for the kids. Last year my nephews pumpkin weighed in at 480 lbs. Everyone on our mailing list gets seeds from the previous winner, however we may purchase our own seeds.

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LOl re- growing tips for a great pumpkin

three years ago , i gave a shot at growing a large pumpkin just for the fun of it. I simply removed three feet in diameter of sod, dug a hole about two feet deep ( it was in clay ) filled the hole with shrimp compost, manure etc. result....752lbs

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I went to those giant pumpkin giant websites. I basically understood the 700 and up methods. What I did not see was removal of all but one or two pumpkins while going for the big show. This is my first practice year. (smile) It's go for the 1000lbs next year. What about snipping off all but one or two?

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docgipe the web for Giant Pumpkin. You will be amazed. Those nuts are serious. Those nuts are I. >:o)

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Well I see that no answer appeared. I have one that wants to be big and two that are just not growing . I took all new pumpkins except three off the vines and began folage feeding. Basically I just planted Atlantic Giants four weeks ahead of last frost and transplanted in the garden. No special planting hole. From this meager shakey begining I think I will see one well over a hundred lbs. That will be enough to amuse my neighbors. Unfortunately I came here and found out about how to really do it.

I now know how to get a big one. #1 Build a prize winning hole in the fall. #2 Get the seed from the persons who grow 1000 lb. pumpkins.#3 Stand back and do what the winners do.
#4 Pray a little it may help. #5 While praying have a folage feeding sprayer in the other hand. #6 While on the way to 500 lbs or more keep reading and learning. #7 Only a couple of over 1000 pounders make it each year.

You can jump with glee as your yearly average jumps out over 500. The next year may be your year!

"So now you need a ton of good manure, a ton of old leaves and a ton of compost to start off your planting hole this fall" "What are we waiting on"?

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Nelz(z5b/6 NW PA)

How do you get these things to a scale? Do you need to grow them on tarp, and then have a bunch of people help lift it? Where can I find a list of weigh offs so I can enter one near me?

I want to grow 2 Atlantic Giants next year in my front landscape and put one pumpkin on each side of my front porch when small so I won't have to move them for Halloween. I'd even like to carve them and put a light bulb in them. My wife thinks I'm off my rocker, but things it would be cool to do.

I'm want to try those giant 20'+ sunflowers too.

My neighbor is always bragging about his sunflowers and his giant pumpkins. Sunflowers are about the same size as mine, but I also grow a bunch of small exotic looking ones in a sunflower bed. He wants to know what went wrong with those ones. He grows a bigger variety of pumpkin than mine, but he doesn't grasp the apple-orange comparison.

I'm not a one-upper, but he is arrogant and laughs at my gardening practices (no till, lot's of compost, cover crops, no chems, etc.). He has a peach orchard, and when he sprays his orchard, he makes a pass at his garden. He buys Miracle Grow and Round-up like it's being discontinued or something. I just want to shut him up once.

I'm going to grow the sunflower on the opposite side of my house (1 story) so he can see it as it goes above the roof.

I clued his wife and one son in on the plan, and they love it.

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little_rhody(z6b RI)

We are growing them here in Rhode Island. I'm surprized there isn't a forum dedicated to giant pumpkin growing here at the garden web. What do you all think? Is there enough intrest?


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Post that request on the "Suggestion & Comments" forum and see who bites. I'll add my vote, growing big pumpkins every year now. vgkg

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

A pumpkin forum won't work. I know a few guys that grow them competitivly, and they will not share a single tip. They act like it's a matter of national security. The best part for me is growing withen a hundred pounds of theirs with out trying.

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I live in Iowa (i think zone 4) and I just planted some giant pumpkins. I was woundering if anyone has any advice to try to get a really big pumpkin this year since I started them late they havn't even sproted yet. Is it to late to get a huge pumpkin this year or is there still hope?


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