Steam soil sterilization

jimmyd(z8b FL/Sunset28)February 21, 2003

Has anyone tried doing this "in the ground" on a small, home garden sized scale, with their own setup?

There are commercial scale steamers which are available for $5k plus. As I understand it, hollow tines or spikes on the back of a tractor are pulled through the soil as steam is passed through them.

It would seem fairly easy to build a boiler and pipe steam to,say, a raised bed which is underlain by perforated pipe. Not mechanically inclined, however, I am afraid if I tried to build it, the whole deal may explode in my face. Would love to know if anyone has thought about or tried this.



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Cool thought! If not mechanically inclined, high pressure steam is a dangerous thing, if inclined, it is only scary. Maybe a local rental yard can rent one for $50 or so a day. Whatcha killin, fire ants? What about black plastic sheeting and Florida Sunshine?

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jimmyd(z8b FL/Sunset28)

I'm trying to kill nematodes in my sandy raised bed without chemicals.

The plastic is a good thought, but I'd lose a whole season of growing (I grow early spring to late summer). A steam pressure washer would seem to work except I don't need the water shooting out of it, just the steam.

Thanks for the reply!

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