Peach success!

kept(6)February 25, 2011

Last year I tried something kind of crazy to finally get organic peaches that were edible. I reasoned that if crops could be grown using protective cloth then why wouldn't it work on small trees? Anyway, I made some long rectangular bags out of light weight garden cloth and slid them over the entire branch of the peach tree, making them big enough for growth. I did this when the peaches were very small b4 the bugs could get to them. I secured the bags with long pieces of wire ties. I honestly didn't think it would work but much to my surprise and the amazement of my husband and neighbors when harvesting time came along the peaches growing inside the bags were beautiful, juicy and had very little black mold on the skin. The peaches outside the bags on the tree were horrible as usual and inedible. Just imagine my husbands delight when he bit into our experimental peaches and sweet juice ran down his arm. I have ordered dwarf apples and a nectarine and we plan on keeping the trees trimmed small so we can cover the entire tree with one big bag. I'm hopeful this will work out as well. My experiment did not effect the growth of the leaves or the wood as long as the bags were big enough. Hope if you have been frustrated with growing fruit trees that this will help you too.


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I take the time and pain to bag each beach in a plastic bag and it works very good.

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