Limelight or Annabel?

ajc9(5b)August 17, 2012

Hello everyone!

I live in zone 5...have sandy soil.

The area I'm looking to plant receives sun until about 12 or 1pm.

I do love the foliage of Annabel...but wonder if limelight will do better in this particular spot?

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If you like Annabelle, then I'd plant an Annabelle. The paniculatas - like Limelight - can easily tolerate full sun whereas the arborescens - like Annabelle - would prefer a partially shaded location, especially afternoon shade. In sandy soil, both will need a fair amount of watering in summer.

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I think the foliage will be similar enough where I would evaluate whether the weak stems that Annabelle has will be an issue or not. If they will, you can also consider Annabelle clones: Invincibelle Spirit and Bella Anna bloom only pink (sifferent shades of pink so try to see them in bloom to determine if you like the shades of pink); Incrediball (white blooms); White Dome (a white lacecap version). Some worth differences between Anna and Limelight: Limelight is taller than Anna and its blooms are conical in shape, not mophead like. If Limelight's height is a problem, be aware that there is a smaller Limelight for sale now called Little Lime; it will also require less pruning if pruning is ever needed. Limelight and Little Lime will benefit from reduced sun exposure (as best as you can) because the blooms will tend to change from green to white faster if exposed to more sun. Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions!!! Hee hee hee! Luis

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Thank you!! I'll include a picture link of our house...

Scroll down and check out the spot I'm thinking of putting the limelights (I bought two today...Do I need three or more?)....i could only find two wonderfully healthy plants...the other ones weren't so lovely! Do you think that is a good spot? Or, I'm thinking of the back of our house..a walkout...lined up in front of one of the main windows...

Thanks again for your input!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydrangea spot

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I think the two specimens will do fine if you want to put them on the left hand side, by the first window only. Limelight can get quite large in warmer climates (8' or more) so I think I will let someone in your zone chime in & give their opinion. The winter climate in cold zones helps keep some hydrangeas' size in check by drying out all stems, which results in new growth in Spring.

Does this spot get some shade during the worst part of the summer? A lot of shade is required here in the afternoon but, in your zone, just a little will be fine. Does your sprinkler or drip irrigation cover that area so the shrubs will not dry out when you are not at home? Because winter has been so mild lately, I would also water once every two weeks during dry winters if the ground has not frozen (at least on years 1-2).

Give them 3-4' of organic mulch year around. No need to fertilize this year since the pots probably contain those round fertilizer pellets. You can give them 1/2 cup to 1 cup of compost, composted manure or cottonseed meal in June and during the rest of the year use weak fertilizers like coffee grounds, liquid seaweed or liquid fish (but stop all fertilizers by the end of June-ish so they will not prevent the plant from going dormant before early frosts hit in the Fall.

The link below takes you to more information on hydrangeas. Enjoy Limelight!


Here is a link that might be useful: Information about hydrangeas

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Luis! Wow! You are a guru for sure! I've always loved hydrangeas...but have never grown them. Your information is wonderful!

Yep...our sprinklers will hit them. Shade? Well, my original mentioning of this area receiving sun in the morning was when I had them placed at the back of the house. Now I've popped them up front as the picture the sun starts there around 2 and so-on. Is first part of the day sun better for limelights? I'm game for planting in either spot.

I think I'm going to plant them tomorrow. What might be throwing me at the moment is that you can see the 'legs' and can tell there are two separate plants. I hear that careful pruning with limelights will equal the bottom part of the plant filling out a bit. I will have to read about that. They r both so healthy!

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