Cheap, Durable Seed Starting & Propagation Kits

Dic_TamnusFebruary 22, 2003

The other day I was at Wal mart looking at their flimsy $5.00 plastic seed starting kits. You know the ones - black plastic try with clear plastic cover. Even with good care I find I have to replace mine every 2-3 years.

On the way out of the stre inspiration hit. I went over to the Rubbermaid storage containers and found every shape and size I could want. They are tough. They allow plenty of light in for your seeds and cuttings, and they come with hinged covers.

They safe space, too. Until the sedlings emerge, I'm keeping them stacked on top of each other. Using peat pots I can easily start 60-70 plants per flat. And the deeper tub is doing great as a place to start winter cuttings.

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My husband came up with the same idea couple of weeks ago when I complained about the quality of those starters. Plus, we got a bigger size storage box, so more cells fit in. I use it upside down: the top is the tray, the box is the cover.... And, these Rubbermaid boxes being higher the seedlings have more air. So far it works

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odori983(z6 NY)

Great Idea ... I never even thought of that. How much do the rubbermaid containers cost?

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odori983(z6 NY)

I wonder which sizes were the rubbermaid containers that you bought? Which has the most efficient "cell pack" fitting? I want to know what you tried. Sorry if I sound annoying, but I am trying to figure what is the best for a gardener's money, like me. Hopefully hear from you soon.

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odori983(z6 NY)

The 58 and 28 quarts are pretty good sizes ... they run about 3 to 4 dollars at Wal-Mart.


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