Giant Pumpkins In Northern WI?

drywall_diy_guy(z4 WI)February 5, 2005

Anybody try something like this?

Place 2inch (or more) of dense pink insulating foam down to insulate from cold underneath).

Place a good amount of top soil on top.

Place soil heaters in soil.

Enclose with temporary greenhouse with heat source and even perhaps supplemental light.

Start pumpkins in mid April when the below zero weather and blizzards end.

If I could get a 100+ pound pumpkin to grow where I live it would be really cool, especially when I brought the pumpkin to the 4H fair!

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don_brown(Zone 6A NS)

And the seeds you want are for the "Atlantic Giant" developed by a fellow called Howard Dill of Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada. Google it. Many seed catalogues carry these .......and a hundred pounds would be considered a SMALL Atlantic giant.

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drywall_diy_guy(z4 WI)

Yes, 100 lbs would be small but it would stop traffic around here! When we finally do get summer around here, the days are really long (5AM til 9:30PM) so things grow well in that time period. It can be harsh in May and even early June with daytime highs of 48F and prolonged cold rain off Lake Superior.

If I decide to do this, I would probably set this all up this summer and do it next year.

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