rooted hydrangea branch

drich30099August 18, 2011

Hi all, about 4 yrs. ago I received a small potted hydrangea as a gift, planted it and it has been my favorite shrub ever since, i def. need more. Apparently a branch that was laying on the ground most likely, taken root. That has been there for 2-3 yrs. now, can I cut from main plant, if necessary, and replant elsewhere, and will it do well?

I would like to send pic. if I can figure it out, the whole shrub is approx 3x3' and covered in large dusty pink balls, about for the last month. Looks like the pic/drawing in the upper right corner of this forum, dark green leaves.


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Definitely. On a newly developed child plant, you could cut it, leave it in the ground for a few more weeks and then transplant it. But yours has been there quite some time so cut it and transplant it. That is called ground layering.

Here is a link that might be useful: Information on Ground Layering

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