Why Aren't My Hydrangeas Blooming?

Laurie(6)August 14, 2005

We planted 3 hydrangeas last summer which were in flower at the time. They are on a west facing side of my property, however, there is a large line of ash trees giving quite a bit of shade, so they are never in direct sun. We thought the spot would be good for them. They are healthy as can be, very lush good looking foliage but not a darn bloom on any of them.

We have another one, on an island of our front lawn, facing mostly north. This one does great, they get pretty much the same amount of sun and shade. Both, are in shade a good portion of the day.

Any ideas why these are not blooming? Also, our Pee Gee seems to be suffering this year too, although the high heat these past two weeks here in NJ haven't helped, and we're wondering of cicadas are feeding on it (for some reason, we saw none last year which was supposed to be the Brood X infestation but this year, we've seen dozens and dozens in our yard - may be stragglers from last year?).



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I forgot to add - they are Nikko Blue's. They were mulched over the winter, and we did not prune them at all after they bloomed last year. They are up against our house in a raised bed, so they are protected from northern and eastern winds, but I guess west winds would be a problem? Would protecting them better next winter make a difference?

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I would say yes, covering is always a good idea.

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I, too have Hydrangeas not blooming. I have a 3 year old mature hydrangea which has bloomed the first 3 years and not this year. This was the first year it didn't bloom. It is green as can be, no obvious bugs or infestation and I have been regularly watering it. I have another that hasn't bloomed either. My endless summer hydrangea has been blooming and is still in bloom. I also bought a hydrangea at Easter from my church that was in bloom at that time. ( it was forced ) I planted in the ground, eventually cut the spent blooms and thought I would have to wait a couple of years because it was quite small. I would say the pot was a 8 inch pot. Regardless, that is the plant with a very tiny blue bud!! My neighbor and I had a conversation that his Hydrangea which is usually loaded with flowers has about 5 or 6 blooms. I am wondering too if the extreme temperatures could be the reason. All of my plants are in part shade. Good Luck

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Sounds like your hunch is right...probably extreme winter temps or late spring frosts. In your zone, the only way to guarantee reliable blooming is to winter protect your hydrangeas. Otherwise, blooming will be hit or miss....yg

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My Hydrangea Unique bloom last year I think it was early spring and this year nothing. It has some leaves on it but don't look to good.

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