cheap soil sifter

mycarbumps(Zone 6b E.TN)February 19, 2003

tonight, after perfecting my cheap bottom heat method, i decided to go ahead and start some of these "clove basil" seeds that have been calling my name from the seed box since i got them. i went down under my deck to get some potting soil to fill my ice cube trays with. to my dismay, all that i had bought last year was "garden soil" because its cheap. (im only 17, i live at home and i work for all the money i get, dating girls is expensive!) (in addition to the previous statement, I love you Little "R") but anyway, bck to the soil sifter story. garden soil is like topsoil with big chunks of mulch in it. it isnt bad soil but it would smother my little basil seeds. i decided i needed a soil sifter. nothing too big and bulky, andd i needed to make it with stuff i already had laying around. i went under the deck to my parents scrap lumber pile and "borrowed" one 6"x1/2"x6' cedar fence board from a fence at an old house. (cost of lumber FREE) i also had some "Gutter Roofing" mesh out in the garage from a hydroponic filter i built for my hydroponic setup. cost of screening (FREE) i cut the fence board into four 9" pieces. four 6"x9" rectangles i made a box with no top or bottom by nailing the 9" ends together. then i stapled the screening in 2 layers around the bottom of my box. this will sift about 3 big scoops of soil at a time. i wouldnt use it if i had a lot to sift, but for the occasional seed starter it is great, it doesnt require much storage space, and its free! (or almost free if you bought the stuff) if you want more detailed instructions please email me. or if you have any comments i'd love to hear em. thanks ~Ryan

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shlomiesdad(very hot, very dry)

I hope you don't plan on seeding those lovely seeds in straight "garden soil". If you are planting in ice cube trays you will need media with excellent drainage. Add Clean sand or perlite to your "soil" at a 1:1 ratio, otherwise you will get a lot of dead seedlings and if they survive they will have terrible root systems. Good soil needs to hold both water and air.

Happy gardening


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hoehum(z6 PA)

You can kill the seeds and bugs in garden soil by pouring boiling water on it. Put the soil in a bucket, add boiling water to completely cover. Once it's cool, pour the slop into a large pot with drainage holes to let the water seep out.

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