ID this one, please?

mosswitchJune 18, 2012

Does anyone recognize this? I divided and moved part of an old clump this spring, but it never has had a label (it was moved here from my husband's old house). Think older variety, prior to 1990 at least. It comes up in springwith a brighter gold center that fades in summer.

Ignore the rabbit chewed leaves, lol! Also ignore that label, it isn't what it says.

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Hmmm, it is shaped like Honeybells, but not with that striped leaf. Take a look at the HL pictures of Honeybells, which was registered in 1986.

I'm sure other folks will have a better idea than my limited experience can provide. Any idea when it blooms and what color?

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Nope, not Honeybells. I have a 50' border of that. The striped leaf and gold center in spring is what throws me, and the leaf is long and pointed when its ends aren't chewed off. Any other ideas?

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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Lancifolia and its derivatives (such as Pineapple Poll) have this general appearance. But nothing I can think of quite matches your description exactly. I'll be as interested as you are to see what others come up with.


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Maybe....had to be something we sold at the nursery in the '70s or 80s...possibly fortunei albopicta or Sharmon. Most likely the latter, we had them both.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

It's hard to know without seeing it in early Spring, but it's probably fortunei albopicta.


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Sharmon is the gold centered sport of albopicta, so could be either one. It is definitely gold in the spring, not creamy white, tho, and Sharmon is on the old nursery list that I still have a copy of. I think I'm betting on that one!

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