My Home Depot Lime Lite Collection

mtddigs(NY 6a)August 7, 2012

Here is a photo I took today of my Lime Lite collection , in bloom I got a few of these at home depot and some at my local nursery. The home depot group were a bargan . I must say they are my favorite

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

I love it and they look awesome, mtddigs!

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Beautiful! How tall are these Lime Lites? I really like the stone wall. Thanks for sharing the pic:-)


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How many plants are there? Beautiful!!!! I love the stone wall too :) I just planted 3 little lambs and a regular pee gee over a rock wall like that. Not my original plan (i didnt want droopy hydrangeas) but I was sold the wrong plants and figured they would look ok hanging/drooping over the wall.
Thanks for sharing.

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mtddigs(NY 6a)

That's three plants , there are more in the side , But from that view just three

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Very nice. I'm thinking of planting a row of limelights in my backyard similar to yours. You mentioned there's only three plants in the group. It's hard to tell from the photo, but about how tall and wide is your group of lime's? Also, how old are they and what size were they when you planted them?? Also, anything you would have done differently when you planted them?? I would think not since yours look gorgeous, but just thought I would ask for any tips. Thanks for the help!

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mtddigs, Those are truly beautiful limelights! They have become my favorite for the last 3 years.

Mario, I planted my first limelight ~ 3 years ago in August, bought from Home Depot (2 gallon size). It grew really fast. This is its 3rd year and it is getting better every year. Shown below. My neighbor has 3 in a row. They now are about 6' tall x 5' wide. So you want to give it some space. She hard prune them every spring but they still grow into reasonable size.

3rd year Limelight at the end of this sun garden

Here are the 3 limelights I just planted 2 weeks ago. ~ 3 Gallon size. placed ~ 4-5 foot from each other. Nothing special with planting. They are the toughest plants (by my standard). Just plant them to the same level as the garden, cover with mulch, good watering 2-3 times/per week for the 1st 2 weeks, then once/week for another 2-3 weeks. Then leave them alone for the winter. Now through mid of Sept is the best time for planting in my experience as you only need to water for a few weeks, then they settle in for the winter. When they come back next spring, they will be established and do not need much attention at all.

Here is the picture og the newly planted corner garden to replace the swing/playhouse set. Had to plant ~ 5' away from the fence due to utility lines. space for limelight is ~ 4-5 '.

Best of luck,

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Here are the same limelights ~ 3 weeks later.

Limelights planted Mid August

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How cute ;) love all the pics!

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Vivian - Thanks for the info and sharing your photos! You mentioned your neighboor hard prunes every year and their limelights still come back 6' tall?!? Did I understand you correctly? That's impressive.

I have a 12' length of chain link fence I want to screen out with limelights. Sounds like I could get away with just two plants. Though I may go with 3 just to get more of a hedge look. Thanks again for the info!

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Great pics folks! I feel like some people are shy about posting as they are worried what others will thing. But at the end of the day everyone has something to offer with their design.

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Hi Mario,

I talked with my neighbor. She typically hard prunes 2 limelights in early spring, and they grow back to be ~ 5 ft high and 4-5 ft wide. She leaves one in the corner unpruned (or slightly pruned), it is ~ 7-8 ft high.

Hope this helps,

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