'...but when you kiss a $ bill...

ronalawn82(z9FL)February 2, 2012

...it does not kiss you back" - the last line of an old song my parents used to enjoy.

That last verse must have been written about a person of Mr. Mitt Romney's character-type; dispassionate, impersonal, narcissistic even. Some of his utterances have been analyzed by all and sundry but my grandmother would have asked him.

"You talkin' to me wid you mout or wid you mine?"

[Are you talking to me with words only; or do you believe what you are saying?]

I am sure that Mr. Romney spoke from his heart when he said "fire". In that context, you and I would have said "cancel" because that is what we do to the lawn-man or cleaning lady.

His solution for the mortgage crisis came straight from the heart of an entrepreneur, investor or speculator -the people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

His comment about the poor is typical of a certain class of people. You and I have heard variations on this theme.

"Let them eat cake". OK! OK! There have been other interpretations.

"I'm all right, Jack. Scr** you."

"That's what charities are for."

"The rest? Let God take care of them."

I heard similar comments from "Brahman (Hindu caste) people" when referring to the lower castes.

I am beginning to think that the leopard may change its spots but not its growl. Do Leopards growl?

Enjoy Yourself.

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Those were the words of a man who is used to having people serve him. We don't have kings in this country but some people think they are royalty and I think we've got a winner here. His patrician airs remind me so much of Bush Sr.

His handlers must be out of their minds right now thinking about the attack ads that will be created for the general election using Romney's own words.

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When you kiss a dollar bill your luck not to get herpes!

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You can always sniff it for the cocaine - or would that more likely be on $20's?

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I'd guess it would show up more on one dollar bills, Kate, the twenties used to purchase the expensive drug to begin with! ;-)

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