6 year old Elegans!

tonypumpkinJune 11, 2014

Just thought I'd contribute a picture of one of my favorite plants (with the models identity hidden of course lol). Sieboldiana Elegans. Obviously these pictures always look more impressive with the person standing behind the plant, but this IS a large plant. Close to 8 feet across and 4 feet tall (and not quite fully leafed out for the season yet!).

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Gorgeous picture. Especially painful for me because i lost my Elegans in this winter's havoc and it was my favorite of all the older classic ones I've had for more years than I care to mention. I made the mistake of replanting it into a whiskey barrel which was on my cement patio instead of on the ground. My own fault -- I forgot to move it into the ground or into the garage before winter. I will gaze at your picture fondly and I thank you.

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mary4b(4b WI)

TonyPumpkin, thank you for sharing your beautiful Elegans, you have me beat by a mile....although mine are lovely, they don't even begin to reach that size. Must be my site...

Patann, I'm sorry you lost your Elegans, I know how it feels to lose something, especially if you feel like it's your fault. Are you going to get another one? I almost always replace plants that I've managed to kill...something about "replenishing" it helps me feel better, like the event is over and I can move on now.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

is it potted .... else what is all that grass under it ...

how big is the pot... and how do you winter it over.. and how did you move it in the lawn for the pic???

brilliant smiley faces... i dont get peeps who post pix of tehir young children ...

where are you.. and welcome.. i dont recognize the name ...

got more pix of other hosta???


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Thanks for the comments folks.

@patann. . .I also lost 2 hostas this year. One got bound under tree roots and eaten by deer. . .now it shoots hardly at all after 3 years. . .the other one spontaneously died (??)

@Mary. . .I think some climates are just better suited to hostas. I often dream about how large these things can get and it fascinates me. I wish I knew how to breed them and/or had access to some of the newer and largest varieties (I am trying to order some online).

@ken. . .No it is not potted (lol) It is planted in a hole I dug in the grass. . .as such it is getting very root bound after several years and the whole thing protrudes out of the soil more and more each year with vigorous roots that I throw some garden soil over (I know not ideal). So it is growing almost like from an ant hill now :( I wish I would have put it in the garden soil where the roots from grass and the neighboring 30 foot hedges would not have encroached on it's territory, or its growth potential.

I am in the pacific northwest--I think this is a good climate for hostas. It winters in the soil (obviously) and I don't think the roots stop growing much (with all the rain and the mild winters).

I think the blue ones get the largest. . .my sum and substance is right beside this one and is not quite on par with it's size. I will post more pics when i take them.

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