whoa!! cool idea!!

smokey27March 20, 2006

Hi, ok I was just at the sq ft gardening forum and someone asked about pyramid gardens and this other person gave good details on how to make one out of wood and then I got an ingenious idea to do the same thing but with rocks 'cause I got a couple thousand laying around, and they're free!! So you make like a 4 x 4 foot square of rocks then fill with dirt, then build a 3 x 3 foot on top of that, fill with dirt then a 2 x 2 on top fill, then a 1 x 1 fill, then you plant all the 1 foot wide by howevertall your rocks are deep tiers with flowers or vegetables or whatever. Man this is gonna look cool, I'm starting it tommorrow!!!!!

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sounds like a plan. I,ve been wanting to build terrace gardens like this for yrs for strawberrys.
was on a garden tour here once where a lady had made a good no. of thse from scrap cinder block and was growing all sorts of stuff in them , as I recall she even had a funny way to build ,each time a grand kid came over she had him stack some block and over a course of a summmer had a whole row of them
I envy anyone with to many rocks they are a commodity here and concrete is cheaper. Rick in wichita

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

hey, post pictures if and when you can.

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