Endless Summer till October ???

gwgwAugust 4, 2009

Our daughter will be married this October, she loves our ES Hydrangeas, they just peaked for us in July. Will they continue till mid-Oct. so she can use them for her wedding? How long between deadheading and new blooms? Appreciate any advice and tips from your experiences.

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the blooms you have now will not have the same color and texture for the oct. wedding..to get new blooms, deadhead the flowers NOW...check the blooming stem, deadhead the bloom right above a set of very healthy leaf buds...these leaf buds will grow vigorously if you give the plant some fertilizers - try greenlight's superbloom (can get it from lowes) - this is a high phosphate fertilizer - follow the instruction, but use just 1/2 of the strength...give that to the plant right after the prune...you should see flower buds develop in those leaf buds in about 4 weeks...and wait another 2-4 weeks for blooms...it all depends on the weather as well..the ES I deadheaded in mid July is sending out flower buds already...this is from a plant being super vigorous this season (literally covered with blooms when it peaked in late June)...all I did to this plant was a nice winter protection, never prune the plant pass second week of Aug the previous summer, a full dose of superbloom in May..and vioolllaaa...another idea to try is go to a local garden center, check out if they have ES on sale, we have a good many of those here - 50% off - most of these plants have spent blooms on them and don't look that great...you can go ahead and get some of the cheap babies, prune them as above, keep them in the pot, fertilizer them, and give them the optimal amt of sun - just in case you have some lighting issues with the other plants...being in zone 5, ES can take a lot more sun than those 100 degree hot jersey mid-day sun..and ES needs sun exposure for maximum blooms...the window for the deadheading and reblooming work for ES is closing quickly for we northern gardeners...btw...if the old blooms you have now are papery in texture, these are gems of arts and crafts...these blooms will dry nicely with minimal wilts - hang them upside down in a dry spot, away from the sun, in 2 weeks or so, they should be totally dried..you can use them to stuff a country cottage basket or even lightly spray paint them to get a fresh look...you need the old blooms be papery feel though...the fresher blooms on the plant will wilt with the dry room treatment...they are not workable for arts and crafts..

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Thank You Orchidacea !! We are of to Lowes for superbloom.

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