Question about 'Pink Lady' Japanese iris

catherinet(5 IN)May 14, 2009

Hi all,

I was at the nursery the other day, and one of the "Pink Lady" Japanese irises had a bloom on it and it was gorgeous. It was more of a white with a lavender hue.

That particular one didn't seem to have as much growth on it, so I chose 2 other pots that didn't have blooms.

One of them bloomed yesterday, and its mostly all white with a tiny touch of pink. Should I have gone with the one that had the blossom I liked, or could that color have eventually changed too?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Catherine,

There is no such Japanese iris as Pink Lady. It's a long story, but Japanese irises are being flooded in the market by Dutch growers, who buy the cast off irises from Japan, and give them names such as Pink Lady, Geisha Girl, Imperial Magic, etc.

There is a central iris registry in the Society For Japanese irises, and you can look up for free any named Japanese iris, and find out all about it.

Pink lady is not, and never has been a registered iris, and any nurseries selling it should be advised of that.

You may have gotten a pretty Japanese iris, but it's not a registered one, and plese don't pass it along with the name Pink Lady. Just enjoy it and consider it a seedling, name UK.

The color won't change on them, they will always stay the same.

For true to name Japanese irises, go with a Japanese iris grower, Ensata Gardens, Aitkens, Snowpeak, etc.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Polly @ Siberian Iris Gardens

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks for that helpful information Polly!

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You're welcome Catherine.

It was a topic in our recent Japanese Iris Socitey bulletin, and i was lucky enough to have been able to contribute some to it.

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