How to contain the floppers?

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)August 20, 2012

These Little Lime are 2 years in the ground from a 1 gallon pot.

I know you can increase number of blooms through pruning but size of blooms decreases. So this is one way to contain floppers. But you have to be sure not to prune back too far so you can increase the old wood caliper.

I'm assuming with the methods above and a bit of time these plants will be much stronger but figured I ask if there are any other tricks to keep these from flopping.

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Wow! I would try using chicken wire or gladiolus stakes (if you only need a few per plant). I would also not prune so the stems can get older and hardier faster.

By any chance, have you heard if this is also an issue for other LL owners? I almost bought LL about 2 years ago.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I just went out there to actually pull up some of the stems and they are contorted and no longer flexible. So much for that idea! Hopefully the rabbits chem em back to stubs so I can use them as an excuse to prune.

I haven't really heard anyone complaining about flopping. I've heard Lime Light flops in the rains but apparently rebounds. I just planted a few this spring but no blooms so no flopping.

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That's exactly what my little limes look like too. Mine are young plants and didnt flop until the flowers really got big. Next year I will use grow through supports. They come in so many sizes (diameter and height). I'm hoping it will work for my Annabells too.

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They will get better just like regular limelights do. I wouldnt prune them at all unless you get a wild branch.

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I have the same problem with vanilla strawberry, although it is known to be somewhat floppy, its terribly floppy this year. Should I not prune it at all?
Also, is limelight a sturdier version?

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I'll just cut the flower heads off to the closest bud in early spring. I wonder if I should prune to an inside lateral bud if its not but a couple inches down from the flower head.

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