Hydrangea Propogation Question?

zooba72August 18, 2012

Hello Everyone -

I'm making my first attempt at propagating Hydrangea cuttings and had a couple of questions. The method I used was based upon instruction I received from various Internet sites:

Clipped a 6" branch, cut off lower leaves and left two up top, and sliced them in 1/2. I placed the cutting in a shaded pot with moist soil w/root tone, and covered with another cup.

I now have about 7 pots sitting in shade and I'm hoping they root. In the event that they do, what's the next step? It's August, I live on Long Island (Zone 7). How long should they stay in the pot? How often should they be watered? Do I plant prior to the winter? Does anyone have some suggestions ? Thanks in advance!

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I would expect roots maybe around 3 weeks or earlier but when cold temperatures arrive, you will have to protect them indoors (and I understand that is difficult) or you can put them pots&all in a hole outside & cover them with mulch or you can put the pots near the foundation and cover them with clay pots thru the winter.

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Thank you for your response. Any suggestions on how frequently I should be watering them now? They are located in a shady area under and overhang, so I'm not sure they're getting much rain water. Thanks again.

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If your rooting medium is somewhat moist, you should be ok with just misting the leaves every other day or so. I agree with Luis to keep them in pots and partially bury them with lots of mulch. Best of luck!

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My hydrangea cuttings were doing very well; they have thin roots after about 8 weeks. But now on a couple of plants some of the leaves have curled, turned brown and are kind of "crispy".

I have them inside by a window. I've been cautious not to overwater.

What mistakes am I making and what do I do now?

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Hard to tell if they went dormant or if they have had moisture problems. If the roots look ok, assume that they went dormant and keep providing moisture. Make sure that they are not drying out due to the lack of humidity inside homes during this time of the year (or by heat vents that throw hot air towards the cuttings).

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