Bearded Iris ordered

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)May 3, 2009

I did it. I ordered a big bunch of bearded iris. The heck with it. I might as well start picking the ones that I like and quit obsessing over it. Have to start somewhere. I do have 2 spots picked out were I can (and will) plant some put this just pushed me to work on expanding the upstairs bed around the old cherry tree.

I still intend to ordser from Schreiners but for starters I found this Iris grower in Utah that has the most unusual selection I have ever seen.

I ordered three of their BB because I could not resist them. I got-

Acaconda Love

Baboon Bottom

Meerkat Manor

Then I got TB Iris. I started with two of their 2009 intros -

Orangutan Orange

Kudu'z Kudoz

The rest of the TB I got are-

Flamingo Gringo

Black Falls


Okapi Poppy

Nigerian Raspberry


Quail Ale

Tanzanian Tangerine

Lots of there are their own intros as one might guess from the rather off beat names. Talk about different, wow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zebra Gardens

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Its raining today. Usually I have planting to do all day but since I couldn't go work in the garden, I got in more trouble on line spending money :-)) I did my order from Schreiners because I had the time. They are all TB that I ordered.

They have this discount program so you pay less plus a bonus iris program. I figgured I get 3 but when the shopping cart popped up, it told me to choose 4 so I did. Got HERE COMES THE NIGHT, TUMALO SUNSET, EVENING TIDINGS and SPOT STARTER as my bonus plants.

I ordered-
Trumpet Call
Dangerous Mood
Foreign Legion
Evening Drama
Visiting Royalty
Florentine Silk
First Wave
Naughty Nights
Val De Loire
Paul Black
Majestic Ruler
Rio Rojo
Sea Power
Merchant Marine
Raven Girl

These should be stunning next season if only I can get thru this year as I have to make room for them by expanding a garden bed section in the back yard. I have two small sections in the front were in intend to plant but since I did not control myself ordering, I am going to have to get to work.

Between Zebra Gardens and Schreiners, I ordered too many iris and need to make space.

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I ordered these below from Schreiners. It looks like almost 90% of the ones I ordered last year are going to bloom (and bloom really well) so I'm ordering from them again.

Blue Temptation
Devil`s Lake
Dakota Smoke
Designer Label
Fiesta In Blue
Fragrant Lilac
Good Vibrations
Mer Du Sud
Purple Serenade
Kitty Kay
Savannah Sunset
Here Comes The Night
Winter Waltz
Evening Tidings

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Are you going to interplant them with the ones you already have or are you planning on more garden beds? From the looks of your picture on the other thread, it looked like you still have room in there. But one can never get an accurate measure from a picture, they can be deceiving.

Your going to have a smashing bearded isis collection.

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To the OP:

Nigerian Raspberry is so very very amazing! You will LOVE it! What a show stopper! And a pretty decent grower and bloomer.

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Hi Rita,
I really don't have much room in the iris bed, but I have a very long, wide border on the other side of the greenhouse. This border has a few noid iris, some clematis and some lilies plus a few favorite plants, but plenty of room to add iris.

The problem is, I ordered early, and there are another 25 or so I am interested in getting. I may not order all 25, but I may.

My yard hasn't been the beauty that your is, but I have been delighted with the blooms this year.

My daylilies are putting up scapes like mad. I ordered 2 of the scrub roses from heirloom roses today...not sure just exactly where I will put them, but I know approxmately where they are going.

You and I only have a few of the same iris. Can't wait to see pictures.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well, anything I have will be a new ballgame to me as I managed to mulch the few bearded iris to death I had years ago. I now know different and it will not happen again. I truely do not know if I will order more bearded iris later this year. I have to enlarge a bed and make 2 new beds being planned now. Then I will see what room there is after planting what I have ordered. But I can't work on any bed expansions because I have so much to plant it isn't funny. As it rained yesterday and today, I got nothing planted in the garden for two days, which is bad. I have to make progress everyday in order to have even a hope of keeping up. Plus everything I ordered for spring isn't even here yet!

Any bed expansions or new beds I am making now will not be for daylilies. Just as I did my roses beds and areas, which took me more than 4 years to get mostly finished, then no new areas for roses, the same with the daylily beds. No more new areas for daylilies. The expansion under the old cherry tree is planned to be bearded and Siberian iris (different sections). The new bed to be done in front of the low stone wall that runs off from the area around my pond put in last year is going to be some Siberian iris (already done), some ferns on the shady end and needs more work for the middle. I might be able to plant a row of bearded iris in front. Will have to see.

Then I plan to put in a round circle two tier bed in the lawn close to the terraces garden here in my side yard. Plan to do about a seven foot circle. Plan to make the lower outermost part TB iris going all the way around. The middle will be spring bulbs and zinnias in summer. I have to see when I start working on it if I can get more layers. If I could then I could put more bearded iris. I have think up deffinate garden bed sections that are very clearly defined because otherwise I mulch everything.

I have been working on my yard for 8 years now so its really starting to come together. It just takes lots of time and work and money for plants :-)) I bet your yard is going to be stunning this year.

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Well the iris have been gorgeous! It is raining here too, so Karol's order and the one from Ridnaught's are just soaking until I can get plant. We are supposed to have more rain.

The rose are beginning to really be pretty now, and that is good.

I will work that border that I told you about, and the new bed that the daylilies will go into, but there isn't a lot else that I plan to plant...but who knows? We'll see. DH is actually being helpful this year.

I do have to plant something else, because I am getting a lovely arbor for Mother's day.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Schreiners sent me a nice big color catalog which came today. Of course, I have shopped at the website, that is why I received the catalog. But theres nothing like holding a catalog in my hands and looking at all those stunning pictures, at least not for me. I could easily order another batch of more iris than I did originally. BIG SIGH. I have to wait and see what happens after the ones I already ordered get planted. But that catalog sure is enough to get me in trouble wanting more and more. :-((

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I ordered as many this second order this year as I did the first onw listed above. I have to stay off of that website.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

LOL kay. Your like me. You don't let anything stop you when you want to order more plants.

I can't even get started on my bearded iris bed because I have to finish my spring planting. Once I do get that planned iris bed done then I can do my usual thing and lay out markers to tell me were to plant. That will also let me know if I have ordered enough to fill up my allotted space or I need more.

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Yes, we do both do order freely, don't we? I never seem to have a problem of having ordered enough, I just have to extend planting space.

Yesterday I started preparing the wide bed for this years iris. I had to shovel prune a few things, including a large clump of rosemary. I have another large clump in the herb garden, so that wasn't a problem. More work to do, though.

My second iris order

Amity Estate
Bye Bye Love
Cajun Rhythm
Chasing Rainbows
City Lights
Dream Express
Fit for a King
Hello Darkness
Last Laugh
Magical Glow
Mariposa Skies
Native Tale
Passion and Purity
Ransom Note
Winter Waltz*
Tumalo Sunset*
Evening Tidings*
Spot Starter*
The last four are bonus iris.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I will have to look them up.

Today as I was shopping for annuals at a far off nursery they had a section of potted bearded iris "BEST BET" for sale. One had an open flower blooming and it stopped me in my tracks. Pictures are great but the actuall blooming ones in front of you are the best. I had a hard time leaving it there as no were ready to plant it.

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regattagirl(4a Minneapolis)


Do you see trading somewhere in your future? If so, I need to make friends with you BIG TIME.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I have no idea how long until these need to be divided. I have read 3-4 years? By that time I am sure all my spaces for iris will be full and I would not be looking for more.

I have been planting daylilies for the past three years having gotten the daylily crazies in 2007. Next spring I will have to divide some of my daylilies and again, I am not thinking trading. I plan to just offer any extras for postage so I guess eventually I will do that with iris also. There is no way I would throw good plants in the compost pile!

Plus I am not done. I am sure I will be ordering more this year. I have a new bed planned which will be a seven foot square. Hope to start on that as soon as I finish my spring planting.

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regattagirl(4a Minneapolis)

Wowwee! Daylily too? For me it's the hosta bug too. I tend to like what my mother likes.

Well, somewhere in the future is okay. I don't have a yard right now...maybe in 3-4 years (triple wink).

I am resisting buying any, just trading instead for containers, because every time I spend $$$, it puts me further away from an actual yard.

Thanks for the reply,
(a whole world of dirt, and none of it's mine)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

There is no way I could manage without a yard. Yes, its lots of work but I just love my garden. Have so many things growing here its not funny. I hope you find something thats just right for you :-))

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regattagirl(4a Minneapolis)

Managing without a yard breaks my heart every the point of tears. My guy lets me plant a few things at his as long as he thinks it's his idea. I don't let him see me upset, just eager!

I've tried to find a nearby elderly person that no longer can do the work but isn't yet ready to give up their garden hobby. No takers so far, but I'm hopeful.

Many folks don't realize what a blessing a garden is. So plant one for me when you are out there!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I am bumping this up as it lists all the iris I ordered. Going to have to get going to start marking were they all should go but its pouring rain today so it will have to wait.

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The only one I saw on your list that I remembered seeing (and of course ordering from Schreiners) was Dangous Mood It stopped my husband in his tracks He came and got me and said "you have to come see this." Its really tall with a huge flower. Interesting that your bonus choises must have been different than mine. I wonder if they change them as the season goes on.

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