grass overtaking my perennials

Mertie(Z5 MI)March 9, 2012

I used to have beautiful gardens. Over the years, I haven't been able to maintain them like I once did, and now have a lot of grass growing in my groupings of perennials.

Short of digging everything up.. is there any product on the market that will kill grass and not harm my plants.

Thank you, in advance, of any help you can give me.


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None that I know of. I've had better than reasonable success by cutting the bottom of a 1 or 2 liter soda bottle off, depends on area you need to cover. Gather a handful of grass and stick it inside the bottom of the bottle. Then take a systemic weed/grass killer put the nozzle in the open neck end of the bottle and squirt away. You have to leave the bottle on till the grass dries otherwise the wet blades might transfer the weed killer to any plant it touches. The systemic will travel down and kill a lot of roots. When it's all dead just pull it out. This is not a fast process and will have to be repeated on any roots that did not die. But if you are reasonably vigilant you will succeed.

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I had the same problem with crab grass in my front flower bed. I found something at Walmart in a spray bottle. I don't remember the name, but I think it was "Grass B Gone." Not sure at all on the name. It killed the crab grass and everything seems to have survived ok. The beds look a lot better now. Good luck!

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