Making a vineyard warmer

boizeau(7a)March 11, 2012

I need to get some pics. done to post here for an example, but over the years, I've added quite a bit of dark sand to my grape garden. I create a mound about 5 feet in diameter and 18 inches high of a mostly sand mixed with topsoil combination, and then I plant the grapevine on the Southwest face. For some folks this would not help the plant, but in our cool maritime region, the SW slope is the warmest spot on the hill, and we are a bit shy on heat accumulation. Wonder what other gimmicks folks are trying out to increase the heat in their gardens short of a greenhouse.

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I notice that if I plant a tender perennial close to the house especially on the east or south side, the plants do much better. I think because the west and north wind is blocked. Following that line of reasoning, maybe some sort of wind block would help.

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I spoke with my sister who lives on the banks of Lake Superior in Cornecopia, a small town in northern Wisconsin. They had Concord grapes die in their yard because of the extreme cold and drying wind that blew off that Lake in winter.

They replanted with Concord grapes and two other varieties, one white and one red (I don't know the names of these). This time they deliberately chose a site on the east side of their garage. This sheltered spot actually created a warmer micro-climate by blocking the lake winds.

All three grape vines have grown beautifully and when I visited them last fall, the vines were full of grapes!

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