4 day cloner system

Zember311(USA)November 20, 2004

Hello everyone, been awhile since I have posted any threads, Just thought I would share with you my new tomato plant cloner.

This is a soft tissue cloner, have had alot of luck with woody tissue clones ( mint ).

It uses a ultrasonic fogger on a custom timer,

I got these roots from a tomato clone in under 4 days!

Thought this would be a good post for the hydroponic forum.

No nutz used, just your standard filtered water.

Best part was it only took about $40 to build from the ground up - the timer I built to suit the time on / time of ratio i wanted.

Thought I would post and show you the joys of misters,,

Take care~

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adrianag(AL z7)

Photos did not come up...

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hi Zember 311, I'd like to see the pictures too, because I bought an utrasonic fogger, and am looking for suitabe design.

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Sorry about that,

let's see if I can get this problem fixed for you all.

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here'e a direct link

had some hosting issues


Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of the cloner system

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bamf(z9 AZ)

Can you provide some details about the fogger? Where'd you get it, what does it look like, etc.

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Could you post some more details about how this is constructed? I am interested in building a cloner, and this looks like it works pretty well.


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mkirkwag(Puget Sound)

I have plans for a *really* simple cloner that I took from some pot site--sorry can't credit the originator, but it was some pot site ...:-)

Unfortunately, I saved it as a pdf, and it converts into 7 separate pages in jpeg, which means 7 different uploads to photobucket ... let me know if you're interested in seeing it, and I'll do it...otherwise not.

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Here's a link I have been working on to get some photos up for you,


at the moment i have the site around my plants being grown under ultrasonic, by tonight there will be a sub link tot he cloner unit.

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I am new to this, so please forgive my newbie questions, where can one of these foggers be bought? What are your timing rates as far as fogging and you say you use no nuts. So do you put rooting gel or powder on the clones or do you use nothing at all? Thanks for your help.

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mkirkwag(Puget Sound)

I don't know, but I've seen them sold as "cloners" in hydro shops online. You could google. Probably could find one in your local hysro shop, if you have one. Beaucoup bucks. I've never tried one - I have the plans because I want to make one - but the people I've "talked" to use them for cuttings rather than for plants with exisiting roots, as in this thread. They do the usually cutting, rooting hormone, all that, then place the cutting in the cloner. My plan is based on that, so has holes rather than pots. I'm not handy, but these are just too much money for too simple a plan for me to put money into one.

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Hi Zember.
What EC or ppm level are you using for your nutrient solution? Thanks.

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cultivatingeden(9 Fl,SW USA)

If you plan on growing plants with a fogger after the clone stage you will need to keep the humidity higher around the plants leaves because of the lowered amount of water the plants uptake when fogged, they suggest using a tent and fogging the entire plant if possible. But it is possible as to the question of what ppm to use it is also suggested to use 1/4 to 1/2 stregth of your normal nutrient stregth due to the plants ability to absorb the nutrient more readily from fog. I have a large fogger sold by Grreen Air products and outputs droplet sizes less than .5 microns, but have only used it in the cloning stage so far, but on the green air website they show a tabaasco plant grown from start to finish with the fogger. I will post a link soon.

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Thanks cultivatingeden I'm planning on copying Zember's cloner to grow baby lettuce.

Another question if I may. What about timing? Is there a recommended timing cycle for fogging?

I got a basic electromechanical timer with 15 minute resolution and an electronic timer with 1 minute resolution but with only 14 on-off pairs allowed per day.

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